150: The River & The Flop with Jill Goger

Welcoming Jill back to the podcast is a great way to start the year off right!  This was fun.

149: Nut Graf & Lede with Sandy Alexander

Sandy takes us to school.  Journalism school.

148: Bantam & Standard with Erik P. Kraft

His name is Erik and he’s here to say,
“Stop calling me the chicken man,
Hey, chicken, hey!”

147: Truth & Canon with Tim Young

Oh man, was this fun.  Tim pulls a switcheroo on me, and comes up with a terrific topic.  Enjoy!

146: Rap & Hip Hop with Joseph Buszek

I have completed my set of Buszeks!

145: Content & Complacent with Joshua Gaylord

josh’s whole thing may be a front.  I have it on good authority that on October 13, 2013, he ate a scuppernong.

144: 3/4 & 6/8 with Seth Kibel

Seth is back, for more matters metamusical.

143: Experiencing Uncompromised Happiness & Not Being a Loser with Gabriel Roth

An unwieldy title for a really fun conversation.  And if I haven’t said it enough times yet:  if you haven’t read Gabe’s book, go do it now, okay?

142: Suspension & Solution Redux with Phill English

Phill and I take another run at this one, with much more accurate and thorough results.

141: Suspension & Solution with Phill English

Another Aussie science correspondent.  Don’t worry–Tim Young has not been replaced, merely augmented.  Why is it that I can’t get anybody on this continent, or even this hemisphere (whichever way you slice it) to talk to me about science?