143: Experiencing Uncompromised Happiness & Not Being a Loser with Gabriel Roth

An unwieldy title for a really fun conversation.  And if I haven’t said it enough times yet:  if you haven’t read Gabe’s book, go do it now, okay?

142: Suspension & Solution Redux with Phill English

Phill and I take another run at this one, with much more accurate and thorough results.

141: Suspension & Solution with Phill English

Another Aussie science correspondent.  Don’t worry–Tim Young has not been replaced, merely augmented.  Why is it that I can’t get anybody on this continent, or even this hemisphere (whichever way you slice it) to talk to me about science?

140: Map & Compass with Seth Godin (Part 2)

I told you–same time same place.  Sorry about the cliffhanger.

139: Map & Compass with Seth Godin (Part 1)

The first half of a really fun conversation with Seth.  There’s more where this came from.

138: Meteor & Meteorite & Meteoroid with Tim Young

Science correspondent Tim Young returns to set us straight.

137: Show & Tell with Jill Goger

I mean, clearly this podcast is all about telling with almost zero showing, which, I have to say, I now feel a little bit self conscious about.