Necessary & Sufficientexists is an exploration of ideas (including those of duality, bifurcation, and hierarchy), a meditation on communication, a map of my mind, and a document of its own creation. Each week I record a conversation with a guest about a pair of related yet distinct concepts.  The guest doesn’t know about the topic in advance (I send them a set of index cards through the mail, which they open on-air) but I try to match up people with ideas that they will have some knowledge or opinion about.  This isn’t a quiz, but an attempt to capture extemporaneous conversation and thoughts as they unfold between two people.  Some topics are technical, some are general knowledge, but all are all open-ended in some way.  This is my idea of a good time.  If you’re enjoying this half as much as I am, there are a few things you can to do to get involved:

  • Leave a comment on an episode.
  • Send me a note with a comment, an episode suggestion, or an idea for a guest (I’ve got a wishlist here).
  • Leave a star rating or a review on iTunes.  This is huge, for a number of reasons.
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