Help Wanted

People with Whom I’d Like to Discuss a Thing (or Two)

I’m looking for some more guests, and I need your help finding them!  Owing to the premise of the format, of course, I can’t ask anybody in advance whether they have any specific kinds of knowledge.  But you can use what you know about people’s fields of interest, research, or vocation/avocation, and then I can make more specific inquiries.  Subjects need to be good talkers and not too technology-averse, as I record the podcast via Skype.  And of course they need to be willing to spend about 1/2 hour on the “phone” with me.  Here’s a list, which I’ll keep up to date:
  • fireman
  • farmer
  • someone familiar with Japanese “Ganguro” culture
  • mixologist (read “snooty bartender”)
  • psychologist/psychiatrist

If you have any ideas, please contact me.