87: Regular Evan & Podcast Evan with Hali Brindel

Hali is an expert in both me and Necessary & Sufficient, and she’s also one of my top-two favorite people, so I’m glad she finally made it to the podcast.  Actually, both of my faves are on here, if you listen carefully.

2 thoughts on “87: Regular Evan & Podcast Evan with Hali Brindel

  1. Very sweet show, you all. I was worried when I saw the title that it’d be overly navel-gazing, but you managed to pull it off and touch on some larger truths.
    Evan – Remember to mic your guests at least as well as yourself (we could barely hear Hali!)
    Hali – I can confirm that Evan never had braided hair…though he definitely wore purple overalls with crazy hair – but think “puffy” rather than braids!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Moggy! I know that the audio is a problem–I’m still figuring out how to record these “live.” Much easier over Skype, where I can isolate each side of the conversation. But I couldn’t very well force Hali to leave the house and then call in! Still ironing out the kinks.

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