112: Quite with W. Seth Hanisek

This one very, very nearly got away from us. ┬áLuckily we had the consummate professionalism of four-time guest W. Seth Hanisek–and the internet–on our side.

2 thoughts on “112: Quite with W. Seth Hanisek

  1. I figured out how to describe the UK uasge of this word (SPOILERS)

    Think about the term ‘not quite x’ – it means you got close to x, but did not get there. If you imagine x on a line, and ‘not quite’ appearing closely to its left (in the negative space), then ‘quite x’ is the opposite – it appears closely to the right. You got to x, went a bit past it, but not far.

    Anyway – enjoy the episode.. I certainly did!

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