124: Willow & Kaylee with Robert Nicol

Boy, two weeks off the podwaves feels like an eternity.  So glad to be back. and to bring you all another dose of Robert Nicol.  See you again next week!

One thought on “124: Willow & Kaylee with Robert Nicol

  1. I’m one of those people who likes to get all graduate school with the Whedonverse, but it is because there is meat on them bones, and I like things that are awesome.

    Willow and Kaylee are the eyes of innocence of their respective shows. Willow’s arc is more broad – she starts and ends on the extreme ends of the spectrum – and Kaylee starts her arc a bit more mature, and ends it MUCH less jaded, but they act as the childlike heart of each ensemble.

    Willow starts out almost as Buffy’s little sister, looking up to her for protection and advice. She slowly grows up over the course of the show, falling into the trap of an overly indulgent adolescence culminating in a substance abuse crisis (the substance being RAW MAGICAL POWER).

    Kaylee plays a similar “little sister” role to Captain Mal’s family, doing her chores while making time for fun and boys when she can. She sometimes questions what they are doing, and seems the least comfortable with the criminal aspects of their lives, but supports her ship-family both practically and emotionally.

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