2 thoughts on “138: Meteor & Meteorite & Meteoroid with Tim Young

  1. Nice work guys! Semantics/nomenclature is really interesting in science, especially with relation to how people find information. For example in searching for journal articles, quite often you’ll run into times when searching for slightly different terminology will yield vastly different results. A mild example of this is the ‘sulphur’ vs. ‘sulfur’ spellings in chemistry journals. You’d be surprised how many papers don’t list both in their keywords!

    And then there’s the lovely experience of having read an entire article assuming that the author meant one thing when they made a referral to a scientific term, before realising form the conclusions that it’s something completely different and doesn’t apply to you at all. Organisations like IUPAC do their best to keep it all in hand, but I reckon there’d be quite a bit of variance between institutions and countries.

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